About Coulas Contracting

Coulas Contracting is an established, professional construction company started by Dan Coulas in early 2000. Since then, the company has overseen completion of hundreds of projects all over Vancouver Island and the West Coast. Coulas Contracting supplies forms, foundations, framing, and installation of all windows and doors. Soffit, siding, and all other requests are then completed by Dan and his hard-working crew.

The Coulas Contracting team is well-rounded and proficient, with a range of craftsmen to handle any building task. Dan believes in providing new talent with opportunities to grow and develop, from first- year apprentices to diligent labourers. He also understands the value that comes with experience, and therefore rounds out his crew with veterans of the building profession: talented carpenters and craftsmen vital to his company’s success.

Coulas Contracting prides itself on adapting to an ever-changing market. Whether building custom homes for Victoria’s finest developers, or working with home owners directly, practicality and professionalism are always maintained by Dan and his crew.


Dan Coulas

From the age of six, Dan had a keen interest in building. His grandfather, Thomas, worked as a carpenter in the small Polish town of Barry’s Bay, Ontario. It was here that Dan’s love of construction took shape. Under his grandfather’s watchful eye, Dan took an interest in anything to do with wood and nails. He worked his way through the local mills, learning all the machinery and equipment used to produce paper products. After finishing high school, Dan earned employment as a sawyer for a portable mill, and continued his education of the building profession.

While working at the mill, Dan became good friends with an equally motivated young carpenter, and together they set out building homes in Barry’s Bay. It was here that Dan mastered speed, skill, and a strict adherence to quality. His time in the mills taught him the value of production, and directly contributed to his carpentry skills. With an entirely new set of talents and abilities, Dan set his sights on beautiful British Columbia. With his trailer and toolbelt in tow, Dan pointed his compass towards Victoria, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When Dan isn’t overseeing his latest building development, he can be found fishing, hiking, or taking orders from his boss; his lovely wife, Emily. Together, they’re busy raising their two children Scott and Mila, while basking in the immeasurable beauty of Vancouver Island.

To take your next project from conception to completion, contact Coulas Contracting today.